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                                           Angel Jaqueline

Dolls reviewed:

Karyl by Angel Jaqueline

I keep getting amazed by how people make my templates look like wonderful pieces of art. Karyl is a very very nice doll! Angel J is a very talented designer, you should see her prom dresses! Some of them are avaliable in this set! I stongly recommend you to download this doll. There are lots of mix and match clothes. The colors match great together. Good job!!! I'm proud of being the one who taught her into this! I think this is a different version than the one Angel J sent to the BKP. In this one, the hair changes in FKISS. You have to see all those lovely necklaces and earrings... They are very cute! Look out for future dolls made by the talented Angel Jaqueline!!!

Go get Karyl!!!



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