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Dolls reviewed:

Heero Yui by Aragonite

Waah!!! He is so cool! *^-^* Hee-hee. Aragonite keeps getting better and better at making kiss. He'll shoot you if you touch his underwear! ^.^ He has costumes from different animes... he even has a sailor fuku o_O~!!! These kind of dolls make me realize how much I suck at kiss... Anyway, I love this doll! Too bad I haven't seen the anime... as usual... Oh wellies! Try pressing the yellow flower! Gosh, what a cute guy he is! I admire Aragonite for being able to do male dolls. I'm usually just embarresed over it. *^^*

Go get this cute guy


Sailor Moon by Aragonite

Yey! It's Sailor moon! And it's loooovely! She has loads of clothes, like Galaxia's outfit, a Serenity dress... Tons of them! Just by looking at the picture you can see it's a good doll, can't you? Now go get it! I need to update this page now, so I have to stop writing! ^^;;

Go get Sailor Moon!



More dolls:

Sailor Mercury... oh, she has so many! Just go and get them!