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Silent angel's choice

How exactly do people get the award of Editor's Choice on the Big Kiss Page? Well...

You wanna make a good doll?

Where do you start if you want to make your doll attractive? Let's look at the base doll first. Undress a doll completely, and there you have it, a base doll.This part isn't really that important, but it helps if your doll is somewhat in proportion (I know some of my dolls aren't...). The doll has to look at least ok when undressed. You really don't want squared boobs or something like that.

You should concentrate on the face. The face is the most important part of the body on kiss dolls, since the rest of their body is  covered in clothes. And have you ever heard of the eyes being the mirror of the soul. I work for hours on just faces.

Hair is another thing. Believe me, your doll is not appealing if it has sloppy hair, even if it has a Cindy Crawford body. Hair takes me longer to do than body. -,-

Lines. Most artists use the line-tool in their paint programs, some scan their pictures for dolls and some still stick to the freehand-tool. I used the freehand-tool in the beginning. Then I noticed it looked totally sloppy. Never using it again. I'm not saying that your doll would not become Editor's Choice, it might turn out very nice if you're good, but it just looks nicer if the lines are non-edgy.

Shading. Looks very nice if existant on your doll. I promise. There are nice dolls without shading too... But compare for example Emby Quinn's heavily shaded dolls with non shaded works. See the difference? (of course you do, I know you're not stupid. It's just me making stupid jokes)

FKISS. Dolls that can blink look a lot more alive than non FKISS dolls, don't you think?

Texture. I've seen so many dolls with very little or no patterns on their clothes what so ever. I'm sure all of have some piece of clothing with some kind of pattern or texture on it (don't believe me? Go look in your wardrobe!!! Go girl! Oh, you're not a girl? Well, then go boy! ^^). Why do the early dolls that don't have FKISS (because they were created when FKISS didn't exists) look so good although they don't blink or change their hairstyle? Because they have texture! Dithered dolls also count as texture (although I don't really like ditherness that much...).

Sound effects. Are not really that good. They make the doll biiiiiig. Especially .au-files take up a lot of space. I do download such dolls, but it takes ages!!! If really want to add sound, use midi-files, even if some of them sound kinda retarded.

Clothes. Mix and match is good. Pre-made outfits are nice, but boring. You wanna be able to play with the doll. I say as all the other kiss arstists: there's no fun in the doll if you can't play with it! Make different models of different clothes. If you have 100 miniskirts, 100 tops and 50 shoes, same model but different colors.... it's no fun. You might have amazing FKISS effects and marvelous art which will make naive wannabes pee and poo in their pants, but it will still be no fun! Make some mix and match, some original outfits, underwear, accessories... Think like you're doing a fashion show, or just look in your wardrobe. What kind of clothes do you have? Probably casual, party, undies, pyjama, warm clothes, or whatever. Go find out yourself! Think of that if you're making something like Pammy (Pamela Anderson) doll, don't just make her super sexy leather stuff you see her wear on TV. Even Pammy would like to wear carpenter pants and teddybear nightgowns!

Take your time to make dolls. That's what Kimiki says on her homepage, among lots of other artists. Still I feel that I rush my dolls, even if I've only made about 10 dolls in a year. And Kimiki has made about 20!!! I'm not sure if the doll turns out nicer this way, 'cause my Luna doll only took me one week to make (seriously! Now pick up that jaw you dropped), and she's become many people's favorite among my dolls. It feels like my Rei Ayanami doll took me forever, but now I just think it sucks.

A good doll is something that makes you scream when you see it. I guess it mostly depends on taste after all. 

Anyway, send me your own dolls and it might get the award of "Silent angel's Choice". Remeber that my and Dov Sherman's taste is diffrent. That's exactly why I'm making Silent angel's choice! ^^


Mail me because.... oh, just mail me!