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                                         Chris Boggs

Dolls reviewed:

MilaRae by Chris Boggs

What can I say? I'm in love with her wings. Probably because I'm obsessed with Bondage Fairies and there for every other kind of fairies too *^.^* I usually don't fall for scanned dolls (I'm guessing this one is scanned and edited). Anyway, I like her. Cute hair. Doesn't change, but it's welldone. She doesn't have a huge wardrobe, but the clothes existing are nice. I like the skirt and the boots (something I would wear? No, I would just look like a sex object... o_O). Looong ears... indeed. The curly stuff around the eyes is effectful. The bracelets are also nice. Her bra has these little hearts ^.^. I'm still sticking to her wings as my favorite object.





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Kelley by Chris Boggs

This girl is so cool! Her hair changes, she blinks and... hrm... if you try to touch her undies... find out for yourself! She sorta looks like me if you change the hair to brown. Not really though. Also she reminds me of my Rei doll because of the crossed legs. Cool. I like her a lot!!! But what's with the Turkish carpet in the background? And the Spiderman suit? A bit confusing, because ion the middle of it there's a cute t-shirt with sailor moon. I still like her! ^.^ v

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