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                                        Emby Quinn

Dolls reviewed:

Feyth by Emby Quinn

Look at her! Can you get any cuter? I like her wings... (another hint to my Bondage Fairies obsession ^^;;) She has a couple of items of clothing like this one which enchants her cuteness! And wow, purple eyes... just like Hotaru... ^.^v Long ears again, just like MilaRae. I like it!!! Then there's the usual Emby-Quinn-enormous- wardrobe. I promise you'll go "Waaaaah.... Uuuuuuh.... Aaaah" once you see it.

Go get the bewinged creature!



Kathie by Emby Quinn

Well, well. What kind of Hotaru-Silent-angel-wannabe is this? Answer: just about the coolest doll Emby Quinn has ever made. The clothes are not the usual standard. And it actually has different hairstyles!!! She even smiles at us sometimes. Cool. Try taking her clothes off in the first set. You'll discover she has pretty seeexay underwear underneath the simple t-shirt. This one also matches perfectly with my Bondage Fairies obsession. Kathie is a real person, Emby's friend (well, she wouldn't be making a dolls of her enemies, would she? ^^)

Go get Miss.Seeeexy!!!



Prudence by Emby Quinn

Obviously C-chan, one of my requestors, is not the only one obsessed with Harry Potter. I've never read this guy's books, but I must admit Prudence seems like a very nice chick. Gosh, Emby! You could get paid for this! Another seeexy doll. It kinda gives me a sort of "Blair witch project"-feeling. The forest in the background contributes to it. She has some cool objects: a knife, a burning candle and a stick (don't ask me, I don't know Potter!) that reacts when you press it.

Get Pru!



Charteuse by Emby Quinn

I should say something intelligent, but I braindead right now, so I'll start with the unintelligent comments: I like her green hair. She looks somewhat thinner than most of Emby's dolls. You just gotta see it to understand why. There's a whole special feeling about it. Interesting... she has some fancy masks... I tell you, this doll is different from many other dolls you've seen on the BKP. Give Charteuse a drink, put on those cool beads she has and make the band play!

Get Charteuse and a drink



Bara by Emby Quinn

What's with all Emby's dolls eating fries? Looking at set 1 I thought: "She looks like Haruka". Looking in set 2 I found her dressed up as Haruka. ^.^ She has TOOOONS of clothes. If you think Emby's regular wardrobes are big, you're going to *** in your pants when you see how huge this wardrobe is. She looks so cool in those glasses... Those fries are making me hungry.

Find out what's behind those sunglasses!



Ilysa by Emby Quinn

Another forest creature! (It's not easy writing this while having a mother in the background nagging about colleges!) Uuuu! I knife! ^^ Looks so innocent when you first see her, and there, a knife! Guess she's not that innocent then! ^^ Very pretty! I even tried to draw this one in my school artbook. Didn't turn out that nice though, so I'm not gonna put it here. ^^;; Closet consists of mix and matchable clothes, in a fantasy kind of style. Very nice. Her hair color is so interesting... It's not really blond, not really grey... I don't know what it is! You decide! But it sure is pretty! The braid can go behind the shoulders. I love the music to this one! She reminds me a lot of Feyth...

Go get this gal



Eleanor by Emby Quinn

This one is coool... Definitely! Her hair changes into a number of different styles! I like it! I'm reading the book "beloved" right now and Eleanor sorta got me into the "Beloved"-feeling. She has all these luvly clothes... as all of Emby's dolls! I think it's called Victorian clothes, am I right? To play the music you have to open this box. There's a fairy in it that spins round and round... you know what kind of music-box I mean, don't you? I like her nightgown. ^^

Get Eleanor



Cathlene by Emby Quinn

What's with Emby and that hair? It's used on a lot of her dolls! (gesh, will my mom never stop nagging in the background? I gotta write this!) Cathlene feels like a very typical Emby doll. Reminds me of  her older dollies. In her selfportrait she had the same hair! ^^ Cathlene has a large wardrobe, just like Bara, her last doll (go see it!). She has a sailor suit. A senshi fuku. That looks like a mixup of the outers' fukus. It's like she's done this doll especially for all you sailor people out there (what do you mean you don't know what sailor people are? Just take a look at my request list on my homepage!) To me, she looks a bit scarry.. I dunno why... Her body seems too muscular. Probably because I'm thin without muscles myself. Heh...

See what cathlene's sailor suit looks like :)




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