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Dolls reviewed:

Sailor Saturn by Megan and KandleXSaturn

Megan finally got it done! Took the poor girl 5 months... This is the cutest little doll I've ever seen! She's got a huge wardrobe which consists of clothes typical for Hotaru, costumes from Sailor Moon, fukus, and even Megan and Kandle clothes! There's loads of FKISS. Try to find them all if you can! ^.~ Everything here is very welldone, she was worth the time it took to make her. Strange enough (not really) she reminds me of... me! Probably because I am based on Sailor Saturn. Don't know how that happened, but it's from her I got my name "Silent angel". I can't believe Megan had the patience to do all those hairstyles. Yes, Hotaru can have just about every hairstyle possible from Sailor Moon. Have an extra look at set 7 and 8 where she's dressed up like Megan and Kandle. I liked this doll so much that I made a picture of myself using this basedoll. Thanks Megan and Kandy for letting me use it! You guys are great!


Go get this sexy bitch!


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