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Karyl by Angel Jaqueline

I keep getting amazed by how people make my templates look like wonderful pieces of art. Karyl is a very very nice doll! Angel J is a very talented designer, you should see her prom dresses! Some of them are avaliable in this set! I stongly recommend you to download this doll. There are lots of mix and match clothes. The colors match great together. Good job!!! I'm proud of being the one who taught her into this! I think this is a different version than the one Angel J sent to the BKP. In this one, the hair changes in FKISS. You have to see all those lovely necklaces and earrings... They are very cute! Look out for future dolls made by the talanted Angel Jaqueline!!!

Go get Karyl!!!



Eniaby Miki Sparks

 This guy is only 10 years old and still a very talanted artist! It looks very good for being a first time doll! He he... my template. Those are quite popular now... I like her eyes. The yellow dress is very nice. Miki had a bit of a problem coming up with clothing ideas for Enia, so I gave him some tips. :) You can get those kind of tips on my personal homepage if you like. Miki has a lot of spare time, so expect more dolls from him soon!

Go see Enia!


Ilysaby Emby Quinn

Another forest creature! (It's not easy writing this while having a mother in the background nagging about colleges!) Uuuu! I knife! ^^ Looks so innocent when you first see her, and there, a knife! Guess she's not that innocent then! ^^ Very pretty! I even tried to draw this one in my school artbook. Didn't turn out that nice though, so I'm not gonna put it here. ^^;; Closet consists of mix and matchable clothes, in a fantasy kind of style. Very nice. Her hair color is so interesting... It's not really blond, not really grey... I don't know what it is! You decide! But it sure is pretty! The braid can go behind the shoulders. I love the music to this one! She reminds me a lot of Feyth...

Go get this gal



Eleanorby Emby Quinn

This one is coool... Definitely! Her hair changes into a number of different styles! I like it! I'm reading the book "beloved" right now and Eleanor sorta got me into the "Beloved"-feeling. She has all these lovely clothes... as all of Emby's dolls! I think it's called Victorian clothes, am I right? To play the music you have to open this box. There's a fairy in it that spins round and round... you know what kind of music-box I mean, don't you? I like her nightgown. ^^

Get Eleanor



Cathlene by Emby Quinn What's with Emby and that hair? It's used on a lot of her dolls! (gesh, will my mom never stop nagging in the background? I gotta write this!) Cathlene feels like a very typical Emby doll. Reminds me of  her older dollies. In her selfportrait she had the same hair! ^^ Cathlene has a large wardrobe, just like Bara, her last doll (go see it!). She has a sailor suit. A senshi fuku. That looks like a mixup of the outers' fukus. It's like she's done this doll especially for all you sailor people out there (what do you mean you don't know what sailor people are? Just take a look at my request list on my homepage!) To me, she looks a bit scarry.. I dunno why... Her body seems too muscular. Probably because I'm thin without muscles myself. Heh...

See what cathlene's sailor suit looks like :)


Asuka into the kiss by Pyon

It's a doll by Pyon! And it's lovely!!! I love the classic style Pyon works in. I like Asuka's pose in this set. She's cute. Whish I could do dolls this cute! >.< She doesn't have a lot of clothes, but the ones that are there are very nice! I like all the little dresses! ^^ In the last set, she is tanned! And uuuu! Look at that lovely transparent dress!

Get Asuka


Talkative Asuka-chan by Pyon

 It's Asuka again!!! She won't talk to you really, but she will look at you with her cute little eyes, begging you to undress...uh... dress her! ^^;; Sorry about that! She is very cute! Dunno if I like this one or the other one better. This pink outfit is my favourite. But there are lots other cute ones! 

Get Asuka


Miss Saeko: Disney Land Tokyo by Pyon

 Here's someone who decided to pay Disney Land a visit! This doll really inspired me! I'd love to do a doll like this, with lots of cute dresses. (Now don't go off requesting!) Her dresses are so nice!!! Not very mix and matchable, but they look wonderful. 

Go to Disney Land with Miss Saeko!!!


Miss Saeko: Millenium and Waters by Pyon

 This one is the most beautiful doll Pyon made this time. It's soooo lovely! This millenium dress is just one of many other lovely outfits. This soll is very pretty, she has a large wardrobe, which is also very mix and matchable. Pyon has made all these cute little skirts I totally had to fall in love with. There are buttons at the bottom of the set which make the clothes change when you click them. Go and find out for yourself what I mean! And do not forget to check out the Waters set. It's not a set with tons of clothes, but it gives you a nice feeling. ^^

Check out Miss Saeko Millenium and Waters



Lila by Urban angel

Lila is a french little princess. An adorable princess! The template and the pink dress in set 2 is mine, the rest is the work of Urban angel! I must say it's a very nice work! This one is my favourite outfit, but she has lots of others. Both princess clothes and usual ones. She has a number of different hair styles too!

Go and get Lila


Sailor Moon by Aragonite

Yey! It's Sailor moon! And it's loooovely! She has loads of clothes, like Galaxia's outfit, a Serenity dress... Tons of them! Just by looking at the picture you can see it's a good doll, can't you? Now go get it! I need to update this page now, so I have to stop writing! ^^;;

Go get Sailor Moon!


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