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Dolls reviewed:

Asuka into the kiss by Pyon

 It's a doll by Pyon! And it's lovely!!! I love the classic style Pyon works in. I like Asuka's pose in this set. She's cute. Whish I could do dolls this cute! >.< She doesn't have a lot of clothes, but the ones that are there are very nice! I like all the little dresses! ^^ In the last set, she is tanned! And uuuu! Look at that lovely transparent dress!

Get Asuka



Talkative Asuka-chan by Pyon

 It's Asuka again!!! She won't talk to you really, but she will look at you with her cute little eyes, begging you to undress...uh... dress her! ^^;; Sorry about that! She is very cute! Dunno if I like this one or the other one better. This pink outfit is my favourite. But there are lots other cute ones! 

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Miss Saeko: Disney Land Tokyo by Pyon

 Here's someone who decided to pay Disney Land a visit! This doll really inspired me! I'd love to do a doll like this, with lots of cute dresses. (Now don't go off requesting!) Her dresses are so nice!!! Not very mix and matchable, but they look wonderful. 

Go to Disney Land with Miss Saeko!!!



Miss Saeko: Millenium and Waters by Pyon

 This one is the most beautiful doll Pyon made this time. It's soooo lovely! This millenium dress is just one of many other lovely outfits. This soll is very pretty, she has a large wardrobe, which is also very mix and matchable. Pyon has made all these cute little skirts I totally had to fall in love with. There are buttons at the bottom of the set which make the clothes change when you click them. Go and find out for yourself what I mean! And do not forget to check out the Waters set. It's not a set with tons of clothes, but it gives you a nice feeling. ^^

Check out Miss Saeko Millenium and Waters




More dolls:

Lots of them... Just go and have a look! They are all lovely!