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Questions about SKP

This link is broken...  Which link??? Tell me!!! I never check the SKP, so there are usually a lot of broken links! I appreciate it a lot if you tell me!!!

I sent you a doll. Why is it not up yet? I can't update the SKP that often, it's just too hard for me. Expect me to update about as often as the BKP, about every 14 days. I'll try to reduce it to every week, but keep in mind that I don't have that much time. You can help me make reviews if you like. Do a little guest review whenever you have time.

You're supposed to update often... But sometimes you don't update for a month! Sorry, but school eats all my time. If I'm busy with some school activity (not because I think it's fun, but because the school is forcing me) I might update later than usual. Think of the fact that I have my own dolls to work on too!!!

Why did my doll become Editor's Choice on the BKP and not here? Me and Dov have different tastes, that's it. Live with it.

I'd love to send my doll to your page, but LHA just doesn't work! LHA is a very stupid program... Don't put it too far away, put it under C:\. 

Same with the lzh file you are making. Be sure to name your doll "doll.lzh" and not just "doll". Otherwise it will become a zipfile.

 Then make sure the path to LHA is correct. Go to options/configuration/program locations. There you will see LHA. In the space, make sure the path is right! Press the button on the right of the space to find it.

More questions? mail me at