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How to send me yur dolls

These are the "requirements" for sending me you dolls:

1. I prefer that you send me the link to where your doll is on your homepage, if you have one. If you don't, send me the lzh file. 

2. Send me the address to your homepage. If you have several, choose the one that will appear on the SKP.

3. Specify your artist name. Hee hee. Just tell me your name! 

4. If it is the first time ever you are sending a doll to the SKP, please tell me what other dolls you have made.

5. I'd love it if you would send me your future dolls! ^^

6. If the doll is not on your homepage and you're sending me the lzh, please don't make it bigger than 5 MB.  Try keeping it under 2MB, since my Moscow internet is very bad. My internet in Sweden is better, so when I'm there in the summer you can send me dolls up to 5MB. 

7. Tell me the email address you would like to be posted under on the SKP.


Questions about my evil requirements?