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                                        Urban Angel

Dolls reviewed:

Nadia by Urban angel

It's Nadia from Blue Waters! And it's my base doll! Then why am I so mad at this artist? Because she used it without permission!!! And didn't give me any credit at all! Urgh~! She also used a dress from Luna and a crown from Sailor Echo, which is dangerous, because Echo's not my charachter. Anyway... finally another Nadia doll. I like her. Never seen the anime, but I like the charachter anyway. Hm... Nadia reminds me so much of Nausica. Probably because she's based on her. There are some interesting clothes with patterns on. No real FKISS, but a couple of transparencies. The Rei outfit is cute.

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Rei Ayanami by Urban angel

Mmm... It's another Rei doll. Lately Rei's been very popular why my attention is drawn to this doll is probably because I really like Rei. This doll has that lovely blue dress I forgot to add to my Rei doll (which sucks by the way. Don't even try to get it). I like the face... But I think I'm more into Urban Angel's chibi evangelion dolls ^.^ . 

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Lila by Urban angel

Lila is a french little princess. An adorable princess! The template and the pink dress in set 2 is mine, the rest is the work of Urban angel! I must say it's a very nice work! This one is my favourite outfit, but she has lots of others. Both princess clothes and usual ones. She has a number of different hair styles too!

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