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Emby Quinn 

one of my favorites of course ^^.

Art by me!

Silent angel's 

Small Kiss Page



my personal favorite. Gotta love her!

Art by me!


Welcome to the Small Kiss page where you can get kiss dolls for free! What are kiss dolls? Remember Paper dolls? They are almost like paper dolls on the computer. Plus, there are a lot of special effects to it, like the doll can blink her eyes, change hairstyles and other fun things. You need to have a kiss viewer for this. Go to the Big Kiss page and download PlayFKISS. Read the instructions there and go ahead and play!

So why is there a Small Kiss page when there is a Big kiss page? This is basically Silent angelís site for other peoplesí dolls. You can submit your new dolls if you like! To find out how to submit dolls, go here.

Why is this called the Small Kiss page you might wonder. Well, first it will never get as big as the Big Kiss Page, and second, I canít have too many dolls here since the space is limited. 
So as new dolls come in, old ones must go out (if it ever gets that big).  If you have the doll on your homepage it will not be removed from here since it doesnít take up any space.

If there's something you're wondering about the SKP, go see if your question is on my FAQ.



New Dolls Go see what's new on the doll front. More dolls are in! New artists!!!

Archive Here is where the dolls go once they've been reviewed.

Silent angel's little kisspage Go and see dolls made by me! Find out more about me!

Silent angel's choice Can't get Editor's choice? Maybe you'll get Silent angel's choice ^^. Find out what people really want from kiss artists and why exactly I'm imitating Dov Sherman. 

Oki doki, even more dollies are up now! Archive link SHOULD work. Mail me if you find any broken links. I know there are a lot of those! I've put up a list of requirements for the people who want to submit dolls to the SKP and a questions section.

Updated 5 March 2001



What will I find here?  Dolls and reviews on dolls. You'll find some of my favorite artists, new submitted dolls, some dolls that you'll find on the Big Kiss Page, etc. I hope to expand this page later.

Why do I go here instead of other good kisspages? Because I say so. There are few places you will find a lot of dolls collected together. Most people only have dolls of their favorite artists, but here I accept dolls from whoever. You just have to send them to me!!! ^^ The Big Kiss Page remains our big temple of kiss. ^.^v

Well, duh! How will I submit dolls to your page when I dunno how to make them?! Learn!!! Go to my home page, Silent angel's little kiss page. There you'll find some links to tutorials on how to make kiss. You can get all the software for making kiss on the Big Kiss Page (this is the 4th time I mention the BKP, I think -.-;;)

More questions? mail me at 


Note that all the computer art on this page, exept the pictures of other people's dolls, belongs to me, Silent angel. Please don't take it. Borderlines, background and hover buttons (gotta love' em!) belong to Microsoft. The dolls in "new dolls" and "archives" belong to various people. Again, please don't take it without asking them first. If you feel that my art is so beautiful that you just have to take it, please email me and ask for permission. If you want to use the pictures of Megan and Emby, please mail them first! You'll find their addresses among the dolls. And my address you'll find just about everywhere. Mail me fanmail!